Agua Bendita started out as a dream, the one of Catalina Álvarez and Mariana Hinestroza, two Colombian women that decided to follow their passion for design and created a brand of unique and exclusive swimsuits. They wanted to tell their story to the world and show what Colombia is about through the mixture of details, contemporary design and handicrafts.

The founders have always been fearless to take risks and their strong sense of entrepreneurship is what has driven the company to be always in the search of new creative ways of expressing their essence to women around the world, and that is the reason why they have worked with international icons as Bar Refaeli, Irina Shayk, Izabel Goulart, Candice Swanepoel, Sara Sampaio and Kendall Jenner in their campaigns.

Agua Bendita garments are the result of combining the passion of the designers and the original artisan work of hundreds of Colombian women.



Behind each piece of Agua Bendita there’s a story, the one of hundreds of artisan women, that with their hands and love for their crafts, give our designs the hallmark of our country and the strength of our people.

Each time you buy a piece from Agua Bendita you are buying more than just a swimsuit, you are getting a unique piece made with an artisanal technique that has been passed from generation to generation between these Colombian women.

AB Hearts is a statement of our commitment to the women that make possible this company, and to our country because it is in our interests to improve the living conditions of these artisans that are the proof of how important it is to have empowered women to build industry and a more equal society.

"Creemos que con trabajo social hacemos un mundo mejor, nos apasiona todo lo hecho a mano".
Catalina Álvarez y Mariana Hinestroza


Agua Bendita empezó en el año 2003 vendiendo vestidos de baño a familiares y amigos de Catalina y Mariana. Nuestra primera oficina y planta de producción era la casa de Catalina.



Catalina and Mariana are two friends who believed in the same dream. They got into fashion design without knowing that they would unite their talents to become the owners and designers of their own brand. Agua Bendita was born in a classroom; with pieces of fabrics and with their grandmother’s sewing machine. Their creativity awoke when they used those tiny fabrics pieces into the confection of swimming suits and garments filled with manual details and originality.

Since the beginning, Catalina and Mariana unlearned what they have learned in their pattern and design classes, by taking the risk of creating unique pieces with new textures, fabrics and silhouettes. Pieces that were different to what the market was offering.

Passionate for the handcrafted work and influenced by their Colombian culture, Catalina and Mariana made their dream come true. At first, they designed in Catalina’s house and took their designs to a dressmaker so she could make the final piece. But the time passed and one single dressmaker wasn’t enough for Agua Bendita. Both designers have always had a great sense of belonging for their country and they knew that Agua Bendita could be the place where many women could also achieve their dreams. So gradually, they started to build a workplace for hundreds of women who make unique pieces that now thousands of women wear in more than 50 countries where Agua Bendita is present.

Catalina is a joyful, charismatic and creative woman. Her life turns around creating collections with Mariana while she shares time with her two children, Valerio and Alegría. Mariana is an athlete, she was a ballet dancer for many years and the discipline she learned from it led her to be a talented and structured designer. She has a strong character but an enormous heart that makes her want to help everyone she’s in the capacity to do so. Mariana’s son is Valentino.

Catalina and Mariana share their lives as partners, friends, designers and mothers.